Frequently Asked Questions

1. How large of an area can be opened?

Answer: There is no limit because sections of louvers can be built side-by-side to accommodate even the largest of areas. The opening system operates efficiently with up to 200 square feet per section. (See Sample Drawing)

2. Are there standard sizes?

Answer: No, the Eclipse System has been designed to be completely flexible so it can be customized to each project. We will assist in designing the length and direction of the louvers to best fit your area. Note: We suggest using a maximum louver length of 12 foot.

3. What colors are available?

Answer: A large selection of colors are available.

4. Do I need Electric Power?

Answer: No - The system is operated by a powerful 12Volt battery that stays charged by its own solar panel. A converter for using your house current is also available.

5. What about maintenance?

Answer:The 6" wide louvers have a baked on powder-coating finish that can be easily cleaned by spraying with a hose. Either side is accessible by simply rotating the louvers. Stainless steel components and hardware are utilized at key areas for longevity.

6. Can I use an existing frame?

Answer: Yes - In many cases this can be done by removing the internal rafters and deteriorated lattice to leave a perimeter frame. (see pictures “ retrofit your old frame”).

7. Can I build my own support frame?

Answer: Yes - We can provide complete specifications, photos and suggestions for the do-it-yourselfer or builder remodeling your property. We recommend leaving the final "Eclipse Opening Roof" portion for our trained staff to install when possible.

8. What about only opening part of the patio?

Answer: This is often practiced on very large patios over key windows and dining areas. The "Eclipse louvers" blend very nicely when combining with all roof types.

9. What direction are the louvers installed?

Answer: The direction of the louvers is determined by the shape of the desired area to be protected, the orientation of the home or structure in relationship to the path of the sun.

10. How much does it cost?

Answer: Pricing consists of 2 parts:
A: The Frame or support structure for the louver system. (see below)
B: The louvers system.

A: Frame Continued:
The Frame can be built by our staff, the client or a builder of your choice. Frames can be of any materials ( aluminum / wood,  etc.) provided the openings match the dimensions required for our system. We will gladly assist you or your builder in preparing the proper look of the frame structure you invision.

B:  Louver cost continued:
Once the frame size and style is determined, the resulting louver system cost can be determined. The costs range from $55 per square foot when using shorter louvers and small sections. $42 per square foot when using longer louvers and sections of 200 square feet each.

We offer assistance in design and layout to maximize cost efficiency based on the size and shape of your installation.

11. Where can I see the system already installed?

Answer: We can arrange a tour of area installs throughout the USA.

12. Can I walk on the roof louvers?

Answer: The Eclipse louvers systems are not designed to be walked on, however the louvers can withstand high winds and miscellaneous pressures. (see photo below)

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